Technical Sales representative

Ref No.CSM/UK/2023
Brzeg Dolny
PCC Rokita



• Extensive experience in sales of chemical products in UK

• Chemical engineering background or experience in sales in the chemical industry

• Great level of knowledge and understanding of chemical market

• Ability to build long-term relationships with the client

• Excellent communication and presentation skills

• Experience in negotiations

• Capability to adjust to customer requirements

• Willingness to travel and to work in international environments

Job overview


• Sale of chemical raw materials for various industries (e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals) in UK

• Responsibility for building long-lasting and strong relations with clients

• Initiate new products development based on identified client’s needs

• Take actions aimed at exploring new market opportunities and undertake appropriate steps in order to use them

• Visit customers in the region regularly, attend trade fairs and related activities to develop market intelligence and to access clients directly

• Prepare sales forecasts, sales analyses and action plans

• Negotiate terms of sale and contracts, acquiring new clients

• Cooperation with Application Managers, Product Managers and R&D to develop new products

Your benefits

  • Interesting work in the UK market in the international chemistry group
  • Professional challenges
  • Competitive salary plus quarterly bonus
  • Company car
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About us

PCC Rokita carries out production and sales activities within three strategic organisational units, as follows: Chlorine, Polyols and Chemical Phosphorus Business Unit.

Chlorine Business Unit - produces such chemicals as: chlorine, sodium lye, sodium hydroxide, propylene oxide, chlorobenzenes and hydrochloric acid. Production at the Chlorine Business Unit is based on one of the latest and most modern membrane electrolysis stations in Europe.

Polyols Business Unit produces the basic materials needed for the manufacture of flexible, rigid and moulded foam. Polyether polyols (polyetherols) are sold under the trading name of ROKOPOL. They are used to manufacture polyurethanes, which are currently one of the fastest developing groups of materials with a wide range of applications in many scientific and economic sectors.

Chemical Phosphorus Business Unit produces phosphoroorganic additives to plastics, including a wide range of flame retardants, plasticisers and stabilisers. In the Unit’s portfolio there are also naphthalene derivative compounds, used, among others, as superplasticisers in construction and dispersants in the rubber industry.

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